“Mother Nature is bountiful, and the natural eco-system is an inexorable element of our existence.”

Ar. Kapil Agarwal

The Emergence of Eco-Friendly Architecture

"Green Architecture", also known as "Sustainable Architecture" is a unique style of building design. The design is aligned with eco-friendly principles like:

  • Consumption of almost 50% less energy than a conventional building.
  • Reduction in almost 50% water consumption than a conventional building.
  • Provision for Natural Cooling & Ventilation instead of artificial technology of Air Conditioning.
  • Use of self-supportable Renewable Energy like Wind and Solar.
  • Reduction & Reuse of construction materials and minimizing waste generation.
  • Providing for Green Roofs, Natural Landscapes and Natural earth based systems.

Green buildings are more than just a passing trend. They are a way of life, representing a sustainable approach to secure the future of urbanization.

Architect Kapil Agarwal relies on structural designs that are backed by intensive research in the realm of architecture in the last two decades and more.

His forte and expertise is eco-friendly architecture, making him one of the rare professionals available in the industry today.

The Unique Architectural Process

Architect Kapil provides architectural designs which are backed by a trusted research in the field of “Green Buildings”. His process relies on the outcome of a series of energy simulation models ensuring transparent energy efficiency of the building.

The architectural design leads to the self-performing nature of the built structure as it continues to rely lesser on external resources compared to conventional buildings.

The design is refined over and over again, until the structure achieves optimum efficiency, ensuring a high performing structure, with lower utility and maintenance bills, and maximum functional efficiency.

Architect Kapil's love and respect for Mother Nature makes his style, stand apart from the stereotypical buildings being designed in the market today.

His architectural design has landed him multiple awards, a testimony to his unusual talent for creating timeless architecture, with an unwavering principle of preserving natural resources.

As a green building consultant, Architect Kapil has assisted in devising several building designs to secure an effective LEED Certification.

He is committed to ensure client’s satisfaction at the highest pedestal, realizing their dreams into a grand reality.